Plot Advice

Whether you are considering purchasing a site to develop, build a new home or perhaps undertaking a conversion, it is essential you obtain good impartial advice from the outset.

We love a challenge, particularly where clients have been previously advised by other consultants that what they want to build is impossible. We will advise on what can be built, using our extensive knowledge, lateral thinking can do approach resulting in many successful projects being completed.

Example 1 – Rural Office Development/Eco Park Commercial Development

We were called into advise a potential client whom wanted to develop a rural site in Oxfordshire. The site had a long planning history of refusals for development. Indeed everyone was telling him to walk away until he approached the Billington Consultancy.

Using a step by step strategic approach, we subsequently achieved planning approval for his development obtaining 200% more floor area on his site than anyone, including the Local Authority Planners had previously thought possible. Whilst we can`t promise everyone this type of success, it illustrates our pro-active and lateral thinking approach.

Example 2 – Inner City confined site – Pharmaceutical production facility and Corporate HQ

Our client had speculatively purchased a site in London, hoping to build his corporate headquarters and pharmaceutical production facility. The site was somewhat awkward, not least in shape, being tapered and bounded by a main line railway on one side and neighbouring properties on the other.

The client had previously sought advice from various architects, planning consultants and the Local Authority Planning Department all stating quite categorically that he had absolutely no chance of doing what he wanted and advised him to simply build some start up business units which by the time turning spaces for articulated vehicles had been worked out he would be lucky to build on less than 10% of the site area.

Disillusioned at having spent a considerable fortune purchasing the site, he was not a particularly happy when he called in the Billington Consultancy.

We love a challenge such as this and following a telephone discussion we agreed to meet on site. Walking around the site we identified an existing redundant access at the opposite end of the site that no one had noticed or considered previously and which connected the site to a nearby road. Although not having been used for many years could we felt still be legitimately used as an access for the site.

This still left difficult access conditions for the articulated vehicles that would visit the clients business and using our specialist swept path vehicle analysis software we proved that HGV`s could safely manoeuvre into and through the site, exiting via the newly discovered access way thus alleviating any need for HGV turning space on the site. Our lateral thinking and no nonsense approach resulted in our proving the case to the Local Authority Planning and Highways departments, achieving planning approval for a major development and utilising approximately 90% of the site area and confounding all the clients previous advisors.

Example 3 – Self Build Home

Our client had purchased a rural plot on which was situated a tiny single storey flat roofed chalet with the intention of undertaking a large family self build project.

He had been advised by a number of architects that he had absolutely no chance of building anything much larger than the existing chalet at which point he called in the Billington Consultancy to discuss his project.

After listening carefully to the clients` requirements we advised what the issues were with regards to achieving planning consent and how to overcome these.

The client liked our pro-active can do approach and having been appointed we designed a two storey family home plus large basement gymnasium, sympathetically blending into its surroundings and addressing all the anticipated issues and which was subsequently granted planning permission without objection.